Thursday, April 27, 2017

A welcome guest

Yesterday, I spent a little time, squashing genistra broom moth caterpillars (Uresiphita reversalis) that are devouring our blue wild indigo. Again. What, you're saying in an aghast tone of voice, YOU of all people are committing mortal mayhem? No way! Yes, way. And every time, I squashed one, I said,  "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" I don't mind a few, but when they completely decimate my pretty blue indigo, then I don't care for that. Am I prejudiced against plain ol' brown moths as opposed to beautiful butterflies? Maybe so. 
At any rate, while I was hunting caterpillars, I was somewhat pleased to spot an assassin bug, lurking among the indigo leaves. I assume that he/she was there, feeding on the larvae. At least, I hope so.
Thank you to the the experts at for identifying my garden guest. This is a wheel bug nymph (Arilus cristatus), a new species to our Wildscape. Cool! I've written about that bug in the past: "Wild Thing: Mighty bite."

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