Friday, April 21, 2017

That's a stick, right?

Ha! It fooled you, too! I just happened to be walking by when this "stick" caught my eye. Hmmm. Right. A stick ATTACHED to the brick? I don't think so. Time to run fetch my camera.

But, man, doesn't it look like a real stick? Finally, I nudged it some to get it to un-straighten itself so it'd look like what it really is....a caterpillar! Some folks might call it an inchworm.

I'm not certain which moth species my sneaky friend might be, but it's likely in the Geometridae family. Check out some of these images for similar mimics: common gray, Plagodis, long twig-like worm, and common lytrosis.


Ragna said...

Absolutely wonder-full! It looks more like a stick than a stick does ... lol

Melody McMahon said...

Good thing you are so curious and didn't just assume that it was a stick! How fun to discover what it really was and to be brave enough to let it crawl on you!

ethel williams said...

I've seen many inch worms but none like this, some green some brown. This one looks like bark, so interesting. Thanks for the pictures.

Unknown said...

just found one and i love it

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