Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sprucing up a salvia corner

For Mother's Day 2011, James surprised me with a new garden in the back yard. He planted salvias and trailing lantanas and put in a new bird bath. I was stunned. He is SO SWEET! (Still is, too.)

Anyway, I badly neglected the area, which has grown and spread out through the years. I don't recall ever pruning the poor salvias, as you can see below. They'd gotten VERY woody.

Recently, James painted the roof trim and had to get the ladder in the area. Some of the old dead salvia wood became VERY obvious after he was done. This is why you should regularly trim and prune salvias back ... so they don't look like Sheryl's!
Yesterday, I bought two more salvias from Blanco Gardens to join the one we bought at the Johnson City plant sale. Then I got to work. I planted my three new salvias close to the house. I didn't bother the existing salvias too much because I want to leave them thick and jungley for my Texas spiny lizard friend to hide in. I'll work on them later. 

I also marked a volunteer four o'clock (Mirabilis linearis). Sure don't want to lose that one!

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