Friday, April 21, 2017

How I mark plants

Melody in a blog comment asked about how I mark our plants. Well, Melody, it's been a process. In the beginning, I wrote on river rocks and shellacked them. They looked pretty but not for long term. Besides, I couldn't make enough of them for all the plants we were adding! 

In 2010, I found metal markers made by Paw Paw EverLast Label Company (I reordered more in 2014), which I really liked.
As illustrated, I hand wrote the plant's common name on the front and noted where and when we purchased the plant. 
Last year, Diane, a Master Gardener from Horseshoe Bay, said I needed to buy a P-Touch to make my plant labels. A WHAT? After I figured out what she was talking about, I ordered one and have been using it ever since. The stick-on labels hold up well, and I can simply put a new label over an old one (like when a plant.....sniff....dies).
Here's my shoe box of plant-marking supplies.
And here's my fancy Brother P-Touch in its cool carrying case. (Yikes, it's gone up in price since I bought it! Here's one without the case. There are other available models, too.)


Melody McMahon said...

Sheryl, thanks so much for sharing your ideas for labeling! I would have never thought to write the place and date on the back! I always think I'll remember but that's not always the case! The P-Touch does a great job of making clear labels and will look much better than my handwriting so off I go to order one too! Thanks again!

Melody McMahon said...

P.S. Just ordered label markers from Paw Paw Everlast Label Co.! Now to get my P-Touch!

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...


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