Friday, April 14, 2017

What's up around here

Bumblebee on antelope horn
Look what's happening in the Meadow!
False nightshade
Purple milkweed vine
Velvet bundleflower Prairie acacia
Texas star
Prairie verbena
KILL KILL KILL! First sighting of coreopsis leaf beetle (Phaedon desotonis)
Wild gaura
Stiff greenthread with a bonus crab spider and some other small critters
Indian blanket
Gray vervain
Wright's skullcap

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Melody McMahon said...

Another interesting and informative post Sheryl! Every time I find a new insect (to me!) I think of you and wonder if you've seen it before. Thanks for letting us know about Bug Guide so I can ID those critters!
Happy Easter to you and James.

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